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A Medical home is a team approach to providing total health care. Your medical home team will include your health care provider and their healthcare team, others who support you, and, most importantly, YOU.

Your Medical Home Can 

  • Encourage you to play an active part in your own health care
  • Help you manage your health care
  • Help answer your health questions
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Work with other medical experts if necessary
  • Coordinate your care through additional services

In a medical home, you and your team will work together. As an active member of the team, you will have a chance to explain the things that are really important to you.

You are the most important person on the health care team. Patient-centered is a way of saying that you are the focus of your health care. You can help with the success of your medical home by being an active team player, taking care of your health, and talking openly with your team.

Full List of Services

Health and Wellness Screening

  • Well Child Exams (must provide current/updated immunization record) [Note: early childhood immunizations are not carried on site]
  • Adolescent Wellness Exams
  • Sports Physicals
  • Kindergarten Physicals (must provide current/updated immunization record) Please bring forms for completion if applicable.
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar screening
  • Diet and Exercise Counseling
  • Yearly general health maintenance/physical exams
  • Prostate screening evaluation (male)
  • Erectile dysfunction (male)
  • Libido concerns
  • Gynecological exams & pap smears (female)
  • Contraception management & family planning (female)
  • On-site screening mammograms (female) *DOT physicals (performed by Dr. Chang only)

Ultrasound Services

These services are currently being offered on Monday and Friday mornings.

  • cardiac
  • vascular
  • abdominal
  • renal
  • pelvic/other
  • thyroid

On-site Screening Mammograms

Be aware. Be informed. Be proactive. Be assured.

Early detection saves lives!

Family Care of Fairview has made your yearly screening mammogram simple by offering this service in our office where you are in a familiar, convenient, comfortable environment. This service is currently available full days, one Thursday per month. Call to learn more or inquire at your next visit.

One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

*Nearly all breast cancer is treated successfully if detected early.

*Mammography screenings save lives…one of them may be yours.

Laboratory Services And On-Site Diagnostic Testing

At Family Care of Fairview, we never forget that our diagnostic and lab services are often the foundation of the physician’s diagnosis and treatment. We know that attention to detail is critical. Our services impact lives. We offer on-site lab services for patient convenience.

Our in-house laboratory is CLIA certified and experienced in quality patient care. Through careful selection of the most updated testing methods, we are able to provide our patient with immediate results for acute care testing.
In-house labs offered include but are not limited to: rapid strep, influenza, h-pylori, mono spot, urinalysis, glucose finger stick, micro-albumin, INR monitoring, HCG pregnancy testing and colorectal screenings.

For tests not offered within our office, we have partnered with LabCorp and are generally able to provide next day results. Some special tests might take longer for results to process. These tests include but are not limited to cholesterol, thyroid, pap smear, PSA screen and much more!

We have partnered with Sonocare to offer on-site ultrasound services for your convenience. This allows you to come to our office for tests ordered by our providers rather than traveling to another facility. Ultrasounds are currently offered in our office on Monday and Friday mornings.

We also offer the following diagnostic services:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Holter Monitor
  • Pulmonary Function Testing/Spirometry

In-Office Procedures

Our office offers a wide-range of in-office procedures because we know this improves our patient service and ensures the highest standards of care.

In office procedures/services include:

  • mole removal
  • skin biopsies
  • joint injections
  • ear lavage
  • laceration repair/sutures and suture removal
  • removal of skin lesions
  • sports physicals
  • CDL physicals
  • Medicare wellness exams
  • smoking cessation counseling
  • DEXA bone density scans


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Patient Portal

Family Care of Fairview is excited to announce our new Follow My Health Patient Portal. This is a great tool for you to communicate with our practice! Through this online portal, you are able to:

  • View appointments
  • View your health information
  • Prescription Renewal
  • Ask a Question

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During each visit to our office, please be prepared with your most current insurance card. You will be asked to confirm your address, phone number, and insurance coverage every time you visit our office during check in. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to provide the highest level of care from start to finish by preventing unnecessary demographic mistakes that can prevent/delay claim payment resulting in incorrect billing. This also assures that we are able to reach you with pertinent health-related information in a timely manner.

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