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Due to all the changes in the health insurance industry, our billing department fields many calls from patients with questions regarding their bills and charges incurred during a visit. Know your insurance plan - there are multiple types of policies available in the insurance market from high deductibles, to health savings accounts, to flexible spending accounts, to co-pay/coinsurance plans. It is imperative that you, the patient, have an understanding of the policy that you sign up and pay for. It is ultimately your job to know your benefits. Your insurance is your form of payment. Knowing your plan helps you be prepared so that there are no surprises as you are responsible for payment of charges not covered by your plan. The care we provide during your visit here is done in the best interest of your current and future health regardless of insurance coverage. 

As a courtesy, we are happy to file services to your insurance. We are contracted with many plans- private, commercial and managed care. In order to file a claim, we must see you insurance card at each visit. If you participate with a managed care program, one of our physician’s names must appear on the card. If you do not have the necessary information and we are unable to verify your coverage, we must ask for payment in full at the time of service. Please confirm with your carrier that we participate with your insurance prior to your appointment. Currently Family Care of Fairview is unable to accept Medicaid as we no longer participate in the Medicaid program.

We collect all co-payments at the time services are rendered and file insurance on a daily basis. Failure to provide payment at check in could result in your appointment being rescheduled. (Please remember that we do not set your copay amount. Your copay is contracted between you and your insurance carrier. Per our contract with your insurance company, we are not allowed to waive or reduce copayments)

Due to an increase of insurance plans with high deductibles and patients not paying their balances in a timely manner, we are now requiring all visits with deductibles that have not been met to pay $50 towards your remaining deductible when checking in for your appointment. Please note this is only a payment towards the cost of services. It is impossible to know what your insurance policy will require you to pay until the claim is processed. Therefore please be aware that this may leave you an additional balance for that date of service for which you will be billed based on the final assessment of the claim by your insurance.

A monthly statement will be sent to you detailing unpaid charges. If you have questions regarding items which have not been paid by your insurance, we ask that you contact your insurance company or employer as benefit packages vary.

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Family Care of Fairview is excited to announce our new Follow My Health Patient Portal. This is a great tool for you to communicate with our practice! Through this online portal, you are able to:

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During each visit to our office, please be prepared with your most current insurance card. You will be asked to confirm your address, phone number, and insurance coverage every time you visit our office during check in. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to provide the highest level of care from start to finish by preventing unnecessary demographic mistakes that can prevent/delay claim payment resulting in incorrect billing. This also assures that we are able to reach you with pertinent health-related information in a timely manner.

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